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Krystal Clarke, 38, says that she has already lived 11 lives. She has been a chef on yachts, and founded FoodSaucy – a luxury dining service that offers the experience of a personal chef anywhere clients wish.

“I was never meant to have a job where I sit in an office at a computer all day,” Clarke says. “I like moving around and thrive on being busy.”

Krystal wearing her FoodSaucy chef coat designed by Clement Design USA.

Krystal Clarke, Courtesy

This summer, she worked as a freelancer aboard the 40-meter-long 133-foot IAG Serenity At the Newport Charter Show and on several charters. She prefers freelance work to a job on a yacht. It gives her the freedom to manage her own business while learning new skills.

Clarke says she’s always been self-taught. She moved around with her single mother, a nurse who worked for the U.S. Air Force. When her mother was away during Operation Desert Storm she lived with family. “The military life taught me to be independent, to adapt to different situations and embrace the world around me,” she says.

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