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Enjoy a Micro-Adventure with These 10 Tiny Urban Pathways


Although long trips are nice, you don’t have to hike far to reap the benefits of nature: Some of the most rewarding slices of the outdoors are right in your own neighborhood.

Micro trails—accessible mini-adventures that are 2 miles or less—lie in parks, greenways, nature sanctuaries, and local forest preserves. The planning, time and endurance required to hike them is a fraction of what it takes for a traditional hike. The following is a list of the most recent articles. Woodchip paths in urban parks and green spaces, or worn-down dirt tracks that wind through suburban pockets filled with trees. micro trails offer a quick escape into nature—even if just for 20 minutes on your lunch break.

Micro-trailing can be created from Crushed gravel or concrete pavement. Their added accessibility doesn’t make them any less legitimate than a rugged hiking trail. By walking short distances, you can slow down and reconnect with nature. The trailhead can be reached by walking, biking, or public transport. 

Find a micro-trail in your backyard for your next adventure. You can also explore these 10 small hikes in big cities around the country.—from Dallas and

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