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Michigan AG Dana Nessel is accused of breaching ethics wall in investigation of member her transition team


A hard-nosed, colorful investigative reporter is no longer employed with the Detroit News after his explosive report alleging that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel — a far-left Democrat with a particular aversion to the phrase ”
Merry Christmas” — violated an ethics wall during her office’s investigation into yet another powerful Michigan Democrat who also once served on Nessel’s transition team.

‘She said she’d pay us a little money for the trouble’: The investigation into the treasurer of the Michigan Democratic Party

In July 2022, Charlie LeDuff (57), a reporter who received the Pulitzer Prize for 2001’s contributions to an article in The New York Times on race relations in America wrote a
Detroit News reported that Traci Cornak, treasurer of Michigan Democratic Party had defrauded an insurance company for nearly $50,000 by using a nursing home patient.

LeDuff’s reporting was based upon the claims made by a whistleblower, Joe LeBlanc. Joe LeBlanc is the former chief executive officer of
The Village of Heather Hills, Grand Rapids. Kornak, an attorney licensed to practice in Michigan, was the guardian for a woman who suffered from brain damage and was elderly at Heather Hills while LeBlanc held the position of executive director.

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