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Meta begins automatically restricting teen users to more ‘age-appropriate’ content


Instagram and Facebook will receive major safeguard overhauls to limit underage account access ‘in line with expert guidance.’. Meta

Meta announced that it will implement new privacy safeguards to better protect teens and minors against online content relating to graphic violence, self-harm, eating disorders and eating disorders. The new policy update for both Instagram and Facebook “in line with expert guidance” begins rolling out today and will be “fully in place… in the coming months,” according to the tech company.

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All teen users’ account settings—categorized as “Sensitive Content Control” on Instagram and “Reduce” on Facebook—will automatically enroll in the new protections, while the same settings will be applied going forward on any newly created accounts of underage users. The content restrictions will apply to all accounts created by users under 18 years of age. Teens will also soon begin to receive semi-regular notifications recommending additional privacy options. Enabling these recommendations using a single opt-in toggle will automatically curtail who can repost the minor’s…

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