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Cardigan Welsh Corgi: Meet the charismatic Cardigan Welsh Cogi


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Cardigan Welsh Corgi are known for being athletic, adaptable and hardy. Bred for work in the hills of Cardiganshire, Wales, the Cardigan’s chest was developed deep for large heart and lung capacities. His legs were developed short, but don’t misjudge him: He’s tough, capable and (surprise!) speedy.

Look back

Cardigans’ ancestors migrated to Wales in the early 2000s with Celt warriors. To control livestock, Cardigans had to be physically and mentally strong.

Originally a genetic mutation, the Cardigan’s dwarfism is called chondrodysplasia. Short legs proved to be an advantage as a dog that herded cattle. His low height enabled him to avoid and dodge cattle kicks.

Early Cardigans moved the owner’s cattle to…

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