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Maurice Flitcroft, the Phantom of British Open – A True Story


Maurice Flitcroft

Maurice Flitcroft’s performance in the British Open Championship qualifying competition 1976 attracted a lot of media attention. His score of 121 was a record. Flitcroft was given the title of “world’s worst golfer. The British Open rules changed after Flitcroft’s 1976 performance to prevent him from entering the competition ever again. This didn’t stop him. He regularly entered competitions using fake names. In addition to the fake names, he also wore disguises such as dark glasses, a false mustache, and others.

Early Life

Maurice Flitcroft, born on November 23, 1929 in Manchester, England, is a British citizen. Flitcroft became a merchant navy sailor after finishing school. His wife’s name was Jean and the couple had two sons. Flitcroft was a crane operator at a shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness in England. Flitcroft worked as a stunt driver, ice cream seller, shoe polisher, and many other jobs during his lifetime.

Maurice Flitcroft holding the British Open trophy

The Dream

In 1974, Flitcroft was at home watching his new color TV and a golf match. He was…

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