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Mats and stuff: kickstart your yoga practice


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Mats and stuff: kickstart your yoga practice

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Eco Cork Yoga Mat with Tiger

Tigers represent incredible strength. They are able overcome obstacles because of the duality between their strong male energy and intuitive feminine energy. You will feel the power each time you step onto this mat. This mat is made from 100% recycled materials, and features cork pads for optimal grip. It also provides good cushioning to the joints. Rubber provides a non-slip grip on the floor while cork surfaces increase grip when wet. Ideal for hot and regular yoga. What’s the best part? The best thing?

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Organic Spray – Calm

Your Yang is your Yin. A mood[1]The blend is a soothing mix of natural essential oil from Madagascar, designed to relax and soothe your spirit. The highlight is the legendary Ylang Ylang, which has anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Spray your mat all around and on everything to get in…

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