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Mastering Manifestation


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Mastering Manifestation

Mastering Manifestation

Discover how to manifest your ideal life like a professional – by Rita Hurry

Mastering Manifesting is the act of consciously bringing into existence your dreams and goals through visualization and belief. It is related to the law of attraction, which states like attracts similar, and by focusing on negative or positive thoughts, you can bring positive or bad experiences into your life.

You can master manifesting by following these steps:

1. Clarity in IntentionsDefine clearly what you wish to manifest. The more detailed and specific you can be the better.

2. Visualise the FeelCreate a mental picture of the desired outcome. Feel the emotions of achieving your goal. Visualisation can help align your subconscious mind to your conscious goals.

3. Positive AffirmationsUse positive affirmations as a way to reinforce your faith in the…

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