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Man Saves Muddy Puppies And Then Washes Mud From Well


We live in a universe of good and bad people. This story is all about them. This story may start off sad, but we promise that it will end happily. In fact, it will have you cheering in the end!

Please Meet Surachet Klaewkla had just started his day and everything happened suddenly. Mr. Klaewkla from Thailand was on his way into work when he heard whimpering sounds coming from the nearby construction site.

He stopped and investigated where the sounds were coming from. After examining the area, he discovered that fsobs are coming from a nearby well.

Image/Story Credit: GT

As he peered down the well, he saw five tiny creatures that had been so sodden with mud that he couldn’t tell what they were. He dashed in to save the animals, one at a time.

Image/Story Credit: GT

A closer look revealed that the puppies were still newborns. The mud was so caked on that it was a miracle these puppies didn’t suffocate, despite the fact that they’d been in this filthy muck for hours.

Image/Story Credit: GT

It’s uncertain how these pups got into the well, but Surachet bets their mother was a stray who either gave birth in the well or put her puppies there for…

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