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New Jersey Universities are embracing cannabis studies


Since licensed sales of recreational cannabis became legal in New Jersey in 2022, career opportunities in the billion-dollar industry have grown rapidly—and some colleges and universities in the state are getting in on the action.

Rowan University’s new Institute for Cannabis Research, Policy & Workforce Development has classes and degrees in three tracks: the Center for Cannabinoid Science and Therapies, the Center for Workforce Development, and the Socio-Behavioral, Security and Law Enforcement Cannabis Center. Rowan University offers two certificates on cannabis studies as part of its School of Professional Studies program for students who want to learn more about the legal, socio-behavioral and enforcement aspects of recreational and medical cannabis. These certificates are available in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Rowan University Provost Tony Lowman
The cannabis classes at Rowan University “fill up as soon as we offer them,” according to Dr. Tony Lowman, Provost. Rowan University, Courtesy Photo

Tony Lowman (provost of Rowan) says that cannabis classes at Rowan have been very popular amongst students.

“The cannabis…

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