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Seasonal Living

Emma Mills: ‘As we approach Autumn, I want to explore ways in which we can live according to the seasons.

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I always feel like I’m missing the transition from Summer into Autumn. I loved Summer so much, that I still try to extend it, eating strawberries with ice-cream, sitting in sandals and wearing them for lunch. Then all of a sudden I’ll be shocked to see Halloween decorations on a neighbours front door or my car littered with crisp brown leaves, I never notice that ‘transition’. Most likely I’m a lot like many humans, I’d prefer it if things didn’t change and I didn’t have to deal with another changing situation around me!

But I’ve decided to start exploring ways to live seasonally, moving with the tide instead of fighting against it. To live seasonally, we would have to surrender to the changes in ourselves and our environment on a daily basis. The seasons allow for…

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