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Start with composted worms.
a bag of stinky clams leaking over my mother’s fridge.
Driving a hook through an eel’s gasping lips
didn’t go well with my first girlfriend. But I knew how to make it work.

On a night in Key West, half my salary was spent on a Mermaid
I didn’t, don’t know. Spending eighty dollars in the morning fog
for a dozen goggle-eyes, I tossed one over my shoulder — Be free

The bait lady laughed at her bubbling blue runners.
Mullet, crab, and spiny lobster are all available.
she claimed giant grouper can’t resist.

Under the buggy dock lights, both desire and cost sounded.
Years later, they felt the same way after two days of fly fishing that were a failure
with my fiancé, when she started asking the wrong questions
Learn more about fishing

As I pretended to check her streamer and tip it
with a bit of worm found wriggling in the boat’s damp well.
What happened next is still a topic of discussion.
Still, we look at the image.  

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