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Liquid Gold – The best sweet wines from around the globe


Sweet wines are a style of wine that was once the most sought-after and celebrated in the world. They can create otherworldly experiences.

The best examples have layers of complexity, wrapped in a luscious texture. They are never sweet and their aromas and flavors continue to evolve gracefully as they age.

Lying behind the term ‘sweet wine’ are centuries of history, tradition and varying production techniques, from grapes affected by noble rot or dried in the sun, to those left on the vine until frozen. Whatever the process, it’s often a labour of love that gives small quantities in return.

Every year, the quality and joy of sweet wine is recognized. Decanter World Wine AwardThis is where hundreds of sweet wine from all over the world are evaluated by Leading expertsIt is always a brilliant result.

Scroll down to find out the 15 best sweet wines in DWWA 2023

The competition 2023 saw two of the Top 50 Best in Show Sweet wines from Austria and Greece were awarded medals, while eight other sweet wines received 97-point scores. Platinum category.

The wines of the Czech Republic and Portugal were among those that received 95 points or more.

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