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Links To All My Ed Week “Classroom Q&A” Posts On Reading Instruction


As regular readers know, I’ve been doing the Classroom Q&A column over at Education Week for thirteen years.

I’m planning to keep doing this for several more years.

I have so many contributors now, though, that there really isn’t space there for my annual thematic compilation posts, where I collect links to all the posts on particular topics.

So, I’m starting to do it here instead, and this is the fourteenth one.

Today’s theme is on Reading Instruction:

Use knowledge-building curriculum to boost literacy

By pursuing in-depth knowledge building about specific topics, students are able to show what they can do, not just what they can’t.
How Can a Teacher Navigate the So-Called ‘Reading Wars’?

In the debate over how to teach literacy, shaming those who used instructional approaches outside the “science of reading” won’t help.

* High-Interest Books & Giving Students Time to Read & Talk About Them in School
Three teachers share their suggestions for high-interest reading material for students, including English-learners.
* Students Like Books ‘That Help Them Feel Seen, Heard, & Valued’

Four educators share theirmdash;and their students’mdash;favorite books, including song picture books and…

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