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Letters from Victoria – Cherished Collectibles


“Often, the story of an artifact’s journey is more remarkable than the object itself.” Author and anthropologist Mackenzie Finklea wrote these words about museum curios, but the sentiment rings true for even the most fetching decorative item. Our readers have fallen in love with a variety of collectible treasures—each one with a story that makes it particularly precious.


When I turned five, a friend of my mother’s gave me a small British eggcup for my birthday. I was born in England, and eggcups were a British tradition. This floral miniature fascinated me even at a young age. But I had no idea that I would end up becoming a pocillovist – an eggcup collecter.

My parents like to go on vacations in Maine. On rainy days, my mom and I would go antiquing. I searched for eggcups, and have continued to do so many decades later. This was a fantastic opportunity to explore these shops, and learn about other antiques. Not only antiques, but I also bought many new eggcups. I was particularly drawn to those with themes of nature.

They are too small to be displayed. Some homes store them in boxes, carefully wrapped. Ten years ago my husband and myself purchased our retirement house in Arizona ….

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