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Let’s Learn About the Tax Lawyer and the Certified Accountant in Atlanta


Taxes and knowing who to turn to for help in their situation are confusing issues for many. Each expert has a specific area of expertise. Then, go on to Find out how these two professions are different.  

For instance, a certified public accountant – CPA, deals in the accounting and financial aspects, while a tax attorney carries a specialty in the tax codes, laws of taxation. These distinct differences can decide which is better suited for an individual’s needs. 

CPAs prepare tax returns for clients each year. However, they are not familiar with legal issues. This includes errors in returns that result in IRS debts. 

An attorney would contact the government agency to discuss the situation and negotiate the circumstances, possibly removing or reducing the debt. 

They are specialized in their field. Tax lawyers in Atlanta could also be able to advise on the state’s tax codes or laws if a small business had a concern but would help those companies with foreign tax systems if they decided to work globally. 

Let’s look at the two professions more in-depth to help you become more informed, allowing for easier decision-making. 


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