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Set SMART Goals for Fall with Lesson Plans


The Storyboard tool is great for creating wireframes, cartoons, flowcharts and timelines. The Storyboard That website also has a large library of lesson plan topics, ranging from history and classic literature to cyber safety. One of these lesson plans focuses on helping students to set and achieve SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable Action, Realistic Time, and Measureable Goals.

The SMART goal lesson plans were designed to be used in middle school settings. Each of the five lessons plans is centered around a specific aspect of goal setting and reaching. The ability to visualize and identify steps to reach a specific goal is an important part of the goal setting process. Storyboard That helps students to create a clear image of the steps that they must take to achieve their goal.

Applications for Education

When the new school year starts and you are talking to students about their goals for the year, the SMART goal lesson plans can be a useful way to frame the conversation.

Storyboard That’s the online comic software that I use most often. The tutorial that I created about it ten year ago is…

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