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Lawyers and ChatGPT — Averting a Possible Disaster


Emily Morris is the co-author of this book.*

Tilting posted a blog about Peter LoDuca Steven A. Schwartz’s New York law office, who New York Federal judge Kevin Castel had chastised after they submitted non-existent opinions with fake quotes created by ChatGPT. Even worse, they refused to retract the fake opinions when Judge Castel challenged them. Though LoDuca and Schwartz claimed they were “unaware of the possibility that [ChatGPT’s] content could be false,” Judge P. Kevin Castel ordered them to appear earlier this month to evaluate whether sanctions were warranted.

Update on the Hearing

During the 2 hour June 8Th Schwartz was asked to explain, during the hearing by Judge Castel, why his brief contained a number of fake legal opinions and citations. Remorsefully stating that he “did not comprehend that ChatGPT could fabricate cases,” and that he wished he had conducted more thorough research into the information, Schwartz stated that he assumed the “new site . . . was, like, a super search engine” capable of pulling research that he was somehow unable to access. Judge Castel was not impressed. When asked “[c]an we agree that is legal gibberish?” Schwartz…

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