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Law and religion roundup – 28th January


A week in which we didn’t take “a pinch of salt”  with the news as it didn’t “suit us to a tea”…

… as we (and the Cabinet OfficeThe thought that US Embassy We played games with him.

South Africa v Israel

Probably the biggest legal news of the week (and one that touches at least tangentially on “law and religion”) was that the You can also find out more about the following:ternational Court of Justice has issued a series of provisional measures to protect the rights of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip after finding that it was “plausible” that their rights under the Prevention of Genocide Convention were being violated.

In Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Penalties of the Crime of Genocide to the Gaza Strip (South Africa v. Israel)The Court emphasized at [30] that it was not at this stage required to ascertain whether any violations of Israel’s obligations under the Genocide Convention had occurred: “Such a finding could be made by the Court only at the stage of the examination of the merits of the present case”.

When making an order on a request to indicate provisional measures

“the Court’s task is to establish whether the acts and omissions complained of by the applicant appear to be capable of falling…

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