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Law and religion round-up – 5th November


Kirpans What happens if you get sued?

BirminghamLive Reports Jatinder Sing, the former secretary general of Sikh Council UK, was not allowed to enter Birmingham Crown Court when he was called in for jury service because he wore five-inch heels. kirpan. He said that a security officer refused to allow him back inside the building after a lunch break because, claimed the officer, Mr Singh’s kirpan It was just too big. He claimed that there was confusion in the interpretation of guidelines given to court staff.

A spokesman for HM Courts and Tribunals Service said: “We have apologised to Mr Singh for any distress caused and have reminded our contracted security officers of the correct steps to take to prevent this incident from happening again.”

Tynwald and Sodor and Man

BBC News The carries an intriguing Interview Peter Eagles, the retiring Bishop of Sodor and Man defends his right to vote and sit in the Legislative Council. He also defends that the bishop can be a voice for minorities on occasion. He said that it could be “quite hard for an elected politician to vote against” strong public opinion but the bishop “may do it for a variety of reasons”. “If everyone…

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