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Create your own tokenized asset platform with Merkeleon


Did you know? The tokenization industry is expected to reach more than USD 300 billion. This will unlock a market with a potential of over 10 trillion dollars. Merkeleon will help you launch your own platform of tokenized assets. Merkeleon is a leader in the crypto exchange industry for its quality, customizability and innovation. Get ready to discover the secrets behind launching an effective platform for tokenized assets.

Understanding Tokenization

What is tokenization?

Tokenization, a new disruptive technology, is challenging traditional notions about asset ownership. This is the transformation of tangible assets to digital tokens using a blockchain. Imagine that a Monet, a penthouse or a share in an investment fund of high profile could be easily divided, transferred and traded with a few simple clicks. A token is a digital representation of a cryptocurrency on a Blockchain.

Why is this important?

As the ownership of assets shifts from physical to digital, there is an unprecedented level of accessibility and liquidity. Assets are no longer restricted by geography or bureaucratic barriers, allowing a wider audience to invest in assets that were previously reserved for the…

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