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The largest forest in the world


Forests are like Earth’s lungs because they are vital for the planet’s health. Forests cover approximately Land covering 31%This is an important part. The United Nations The forests are now endangered because of climate change and human interference. Forests are like nature’s neighbourhoods, full of trees, animals and plants that cover an Area of 2.2 Million sq. The area of 2.2 million sq.. In this article we will learn about the biggest forests on the planet.

World’s largest forests

Amazon Rainforest The title of World’s largest forest The majority of the population is located in South America The area covered by the project is approximately 5,500,000 sq. km. This is a list of Top 10 biggest forests in the World:

S. No. Name Area (in sq. km) Location
1. Amazon Rainforest 5,500,000 Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Suriname, Venezuela
2. Congo Rainforest 2,000,000 Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Republic of  Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon
3. Valdivian Temperate Forest 248,100 West coast of South America in Chile and Argentina
4. Taiga/ Boreal forest 17million

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