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The largest continent in the world


The Earth’s continents are a remarkable tapestry of diverse landscapes, cultures and natural wonders. There are There are seven continents in total on Earth Each continent occupies a unique position in our global society. This article will tell us about the world’s largest continents, their population, size and unique features.

The largest continent in the world

Asia It is not. The largest continent of the world The area covered by an Area of 44.6 sq. The area of 44.6 sq. And approximately There are 4.6 billion people on earth..

Here’s the deal: List of largest continents of the world:

S. No. Continent Area (in million sq. km) Area (in million sq. mi) The Population of the United States
1. Asia 44.6 17.2 4.6 Billion
2. Africa 30 11.6 1,3 billion
3. North America 24.5 9.4 369 millions
4. South America 17.8 6.9 431 millions
5. Antarctica 14.2 5.5 1,000-5,000 (seasonal)
6. Europe 9.9 3.8 746 millions
7. Australia 7.7 3 43 Million

1. Asia: The largest continent of the world

Area: 44.6 Million sq. Area: 17.2 million sq. km)

Population: Asia is home to over half of the world’s people with the approximately 4.6 billion population.

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