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Kevin Ross And Eric Bellinger On New Collaboration, Black Women And The State Of R&B


Kevin Ross and Eric Bellinger By Okla Jones ·Updated October 17, 2023

Kevin Ross, the chart-topping artist released his latest EP Midnight Microdose Vol. 2, featuring the breakout hit, “Ready For It.” The song – in collaboration with the iconic Eric Bellinger – incorporated themes of romance, dedication, and all the other facets that make for the perfect record about love. It also serves as a testament to the resilience of the ever-changing genre of R&B.

“Ready For It” is a passionate and flirtatious track crafted by Ross, and it captures the spirit of what his new EP aims to be – an atmosphere of relentless riffs and pristine percussion, brought together by flawless production and intoxicating vocals from an award-winning songwriter. “If I had to sum up Midnight Microdose Vol. 2 in one word it would be dramatic,” the 35-year-old says. “I love sequencing my projects whether to create a flow, set a vibe, tell a story or all three at once. Excited for people to uncover another layer of my artistry with this project.”

Following the exciting release of Ross’ single with Bellinger, the two talented musicians spoke to ESSENCE about how the song came to be, the current state of R&B, the…

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