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Pet Gates: Separating cats and dogs at home with ease


Do you have both dogs and cats in your family? Does it drive you crazy every time you see your dog trying to get into your cat’s litter box or food? Not only is it unhealthy for your dog to eat your cat’s litter but it is also annoying for your cat as well. Cats often prefer to have their space and be left alone than dogs. Here’s an inexpensive way to modify some of the best pet gates into an even better pet gate with a pet door in order to separate your dog from your cat’s stuff.


Separating your dog from your cat can be the best thing you can do as a pet owner to keep order in an overcrowded house. Also, knowing where to place litter boxes and food for cats is essential. Putting them in a high and stable place will help keep dogs away from litter boxes, and your cat’s food. It also puts safety first for everyone!

This DIY project works well and is easy to do, since it does not require permanent wall mountings or modifications of a sliding door, wall or door. This project is a great way to give your cat the space they need while keeping “their” room still accessible to people. You can get a cheap dog gate at amazon or any other local store.

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