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Karma Café, anyone?

Understanding Karma, Reaping Our Sows and Finding Liberation By Urmila Pantdey

Reading time: Five minutes

I read a Simple Journals quote: ‘Welcome to Karma café. There is no menu. You will be served what you are entitled to. I thought that was very aptly said.

It would make life so much simpler for people if they knew the law of karma, just as they do the law gravity. Many people may reject karma as an Eastern nonsense. “We do not know such a law. There is no such thing as an afterlife. This whole ‘paying for your actions’ thing is a bunch of baloney.

Newton was the first to discover it, but an apple tree did too! What I want to emphasize is that gravity was already present before mankind discovered it. Newton observed and analysed a fact. It is the same with the law of Karma. It is enough to observe and examine our own and other people’s lives. Understanding is made easier with a helping hand…

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