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Justina Blakeney Revives an Old Bathroom Design


Kohler, Courtesy.

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It’s possible that the days of white bathroom walls are behind us. Kohler launched the Heritage Colors campaign to commemorate its 150th birthday earlier this year. The brand’s fans voted for their favorite retro colors, and today, the two winning shades, Spring Green, and Peachblow are available in sinks, tubs, and toilets. Was one of the early adopters to actually use the product? Justina Blakeney used several new pieces at the Kohler Design Center, Wisconsin to inspire serious bathroom ideas. 

Her jumping-off point was Kohler’s Memoirs sink in Peachblow, a hue that first debuted in the 1930s. “I wanted to take Art Deco elements from that time period, like geometric shapes and ornaments, but update them with my modern, boho aesthetic,” Blakeney says. This was brought to life with zigzag patterning, emerald tiles, metallic and black accents and a pastel sink that acted as a neutral. “Peachy pink and green is one of my all-time favorite combos, so I immediately knew the color story,” she…

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