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Joe Biden’s Ukraine Defense Falls Apart


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Here is my New York Post column on the new evidence that contradicts the story of President Joe Biden about his role in forcing Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor-general to resign. Biden’s boast about forcing the termination could become a defining moment in the corruption scandal.

This is a column:

President Barack Obama famously warned fellow Democrats in 2020, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.”

The warning was ignored by many as an almost brotherly reference to Biden’s habit of making false claims (like being arrested when seeking to see Nelson Mandela) or his continual verbal gaffes.

Biden has always had a certain penchant for bragging, whether it’s claiming a dead man told him he reached a million miles on Amtrak, being a cross-country trucker or fighting off some “bad dude” named Corn Pop.

One of these bravado moments could have revealed something more than just vanity.

Ironically, it’s the one controversial story that appears entirely true.

In a 2018 interview at the Council on Foreign Relations, Biden bragged that he unilaterally withheld a billion dollars in US aid from the Ukrainians to force them to fire prosecutor general Viktor Shokin.


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