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Jason Goodwin’s agenda is a bit comprehensive, ranging from shutting down the internet to requiring 18-year-olds to complete Natural Service.


‘I know they will thank me in the end,’ says our columnist, with tongue in cheek — though who knows how firmly?

A few years back, the parents an old friend retired as diplomats. The couple moved into a flat in Maida Vale, and started by selecting carpets and arranging the ethnic furniture they had collected from different Asian postings. They ate lunch in their dining room, sitting at opposite ends of the mahogany table. They remained in the same place, according to my friend, until they realized that if wanted to eat something, they would have to do it themselves.

The homecoming experience is full of surprises. Going abroad may change your expectations. In fact, the best reason for going abroad is to transform the way you see home. Returning from summer holidays, many of us are surprised to find that our world has changed. From peeling paint on the walls to new political stories in news.

After returning from Croatia, I saw a number of domestic problems that I could solve if I had unlimited power for just a few short days like a Roman Consul. Fiat. I could start by banning all plastics for horticulture. Clever designers would produce pots made of papier-mâché or recycled wool, which would…

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