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Jason Aldean & Outlaw Country


Jason Aldean & Outlaw Country

State of the Union: BLM and Outlaw Country do not share the same lawlessness.

God bless the country music.

Last week, the Washington Post attacking the success of Luke Combs’s latest single “Fast Car.” The song is a cover of the 1988 hit by Tracy Chapman, a black woman. Since Combs is a North Carolina good ol’ boy who looks the part, the success of the cover shows that country music fans are racist—or something.

This week, it’s Jason Aldean’s turn in the outrage cycle for pointing out that rioting and looting are bad. The music video for his latest single “Try That In A Small Town” dropped, and it’s fantastic. The message of the song, that lawlessness won’t fly in rural America, is dramatized against a backdrop of footage from the 2020 riots:

Aldean, who is a Georgian native wearing a cowboy cap, was condemned for his support of law and orders. Country Music Television pulled the video, much to their shame.

The critics are right to point out…

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