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It’s Time to Make the Switch to Electric Lawn Tools—Here’s How to Do It Right


You’ve probably heard that California is making moves to be at the forefront of promoting zero-emission when it comes to lawn care. In fact, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill Number 1346, which phases out the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and other small off-road engines, and it went into effect January 1, 2024. Although this switch is a simple way to reduce noise, air pollution and emissions, there are some downsides that have consumers and the landscape industry hesitant.  

If you’re concerned about the price and how much waste will be added to our landfills, should you still switch from your gas guzzlers to something a bit more eco-friendly? Absolutely. The pros, cons and recommendations of the electric leaf blowers that are best for your garden will be discussed. 

Electric Leaf Blowers Offer Many Benefits 

Electric mowers are quieter and cleaner than gas-powered ones. They also don’t produce any air pollutants or burn fuel or oil. Gas-powered lawnmowers can generate noise levels up to 112 decibels.

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