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It’s Not Too Late to Plant Vegetables This Summer—Here’s How to Do It


When I first installed raised beds in my garden, I often felt like a dolt and mistakes were thick on the ground. I’d neglect adding compost and then not understand why my raspberries weren’t thriving, for example. Or I’d forget to turn off my timer on a rainy day and kick myself for wasting water. I also assumed certain things that just weren’t true—like I couldn’t plant any summer vegetables after spring.  

I’ve found that a lot of beginning gardeners believe this to be true. Maybe it’s because there’s such a big marketing push for early spring gardening that once June rolls around we believe we’ve missed the boat. Or perhaps nobody told us about succession sowing, which is when you plant some seeds, let a couple of weeks go by, and then plant the same kind of seed again so you’ll get more than one crop. It is not to be mistaken with a Succession Obsession, to which I have already fallen prey. I still can’t get over that final scene with Shiv and Tom in the car.)   

Regardless, you still have so much time to grow the vegetable garden of your dreams. Here’s our guide to what you can still plant, where, and when.  

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