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Issue 245 – Out now!


Sunshine style: From the first golden rays to the yellows of midday, to the deep pinks, oranges, and reds of the evening, this month’s gallery celebrates the entire spectrum of colours that the sun emits from its rise in the east, to its sunset in the west.

In this issue we are wishing a fond farewell to our long-term back-page columnist, Laura ‘Purl Princess’ Parkinson. Laura shared many of her knitting projects and personal experiences in our pages over the years. Here are some highlights from her time at Knitting.

There are also new beginnings. We have knits that will be perfect for autumn, as well as some warmer designs to get you through the summer. And we’ll show you what major yarn brands plan for you this season. This edition is a look at the past, present and future. Happy knitting!


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