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Israel 101: a First Visit Guide


Israel 101 – A First Visit Guide

At 6 p.m., May 31, 2023, I was in the air and heading from John F. Kennedy International Airport towards Ben Gurion International Airport at Tel Aviv. I arrived in Israel after a journey of about a half day, which included a brief stopover at the Brussels International Airport.

To make your trip easier, I’d recommend taking direct flights if you can.I finally made it to Israel as part a Birthright tour with 39 other people. Birthright The program allows young jwish adults aged 18-26 to go to Israel for a 10 day trip, with all expenses paid.

The trip explores many of Israel’s iconic cities, including Jerusalem, the Old City, the Golan Heights and Tel Aviv. The trip offers participants many opportunities to connect with their Jewish heritage. 

Birthright has truly transformed my life. I had the opportunity to share many unique experiences with others who shared similar values.

This guide highlights the best of Israel in terms of travel, food, cities, and itinerary suggestions. This guide is my personal experience…

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