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Our new course on Financial Literacy


Hello students and teachers from around the globe. We’re delighted to share our new course on financial literacy. We shared our goals for adding financial literacy lessons in Khan Academy late last year. Our goal is to help students of all ages create a solid foundation for their future financial success.

Join us for a new educational adventure and learn how to apply it in your life!

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The new course simplifies complex concepts, from building a budget to understanding the stock market. These are real life lessons.

“We think our course will help learners think about the world in a different way,” says our founder, Sal Khan. “It encourages new habits. Even small habits like saving just a few dollars a day can add up to big savings over time.”

We’d like to thank our supporters. Walmart is our founding sponsor and has generously supported us in this work. Intuit, Capital One, and Walmart have also contributed.

“I want to be clear that our funders make this work possible,” says Sal. “Without their support, we would not be able to produce lessons about financial literacy and keep…

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