Home Education Introducing ByFlex Course Design: A Bimodal Flexible Course Model 

Introducing ByFlex Course Design: A Bimodal Flexible Course Model 


Coming through COVID and having successfully managed the pressure colleges and universities experienced, institutions have found value in flexible course models.  

The trimodal course model, also known as HyFlex, has been studied and implemented more widely than the bimodal model. HyFlex is a flexible course design that has been the subject of many articles and tests. It offers students the option to participate in class sessions three different ways throughout the course. “HyFlex courses provide the capacity for programs to serve remote students in addition to providing convenience and alternatives to regional students” (Beatty, 2019a). 

The trimodal course model is not without its challenges.  “These benefits come at a cost; costs borne by students, costs borne by instructors and designers, and costs borne by administrators at institutions choosing to implement HyFlex approaches” (Beatty, 2019b). The abundance of technology and the expectation that educators must simultaneously teach two distinct groups of learners (those present in class as well as those online) creates a challenge for educators.

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