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Top Doctor Reveals Easy Twist for Women Over 50

Top Doctor Reveals Easy Twist for Women Over 50

Worried that your metabolism was so slow it might be broken? If you’re a woman over age 50, you might want to try intermittent fasting for menopause. “When we’re younger, estrogen permeates every organ in the body, keeping us both fertile and metabolically healthy. But as estrogen levels drop over time, metabolism struggles,” says menopause expert Mindy Pelz, DC, whose YouTube videos boast more than 75 million hits. Here’s the good news: “All the metabolic changes we experience can be fixed.” Dr. Pelz adds that older women using her unique twist on intermittent fasting “say their bodies work like they did in their 20s. The women report having more energy, a better mood, and better sleep. Many stop taking their medications. And it’s the fastest way to drop weight once menopause hits.”

Patti Constant from Minnesota, age 53, is an avid fan. Patti not only used Dr. Pelz’s plan to shrink by five sizes, she eliminated severe plantar fasciitis pain that hadn’t responded to countless treatments. Read on for more of Patti’s inspiring story and to find out how Dr. Pelz’s approach could help You can also find out more about us on our website. Feel amazing during the menopause.

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