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In-N Out Forbids Employees From Wearing Masks Outside California and Oregon


In July 2023, In-N-Out announced that employees from Arizona, Colorado Nevada, Texas and Utah will not be permitted to wear protective masks while at work. Employees could not be exempted from the rule unless they were able to prove that they had a valid exemption for medical reasons or needed protective gear in order to do their jobs, like painting.  

In-N Out workers in California or Oregon have also been given new mask guidelines. However, they are still allowed to choose whether to wear a face mask while in the store. Employees who violate the guidelines could be subject to disciplinary measures, such as The End of the Age?, if the customer does not comply. In-In Out is of the opinion that face masks are a barrier for customer relations.  

Unreasonable restrictions on individual rights

In-N-Out’s stance on Covid restrictions is hypocritical. San Francisco officials forced the closure of In-N’-Out in October 2021 because it didn’t comply with city requirements. vaccine cards of indoor diners. In-N-Out closed five of their locations in Contra Costa County to comply with Covid’s rules. In-N-Out defended its refusal on the grounds that the restriction was “unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers…” 

The burger chain has now made an…

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