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In Actors Sam Lerner and Olivia Sui’s L.A. Home, Striped Wallpaper Stretches to the Skylight


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Actors Sam Lerner and Olivia Sui’s first date was The following are some examples of how to use L.A. In 2018, a friend of ours who worked with Lerner in the sitcom The Goldbergs After a few texts back and forth, the two met in person in Erewhon, a buzzing health-food shop. The two walked from the parking lot to the Grove where Sui was planning to stop at Sephora. They bought groceries, got smoothies and then left their cars. “We were immediately obsessed with each other,” says Lerner. The pair decided to buy a house in fall 2020. The pair needed to move out of their West Hollywood apartments and into a shared place. “Liv was staying at my apartment with my two roommates a lot and it was a total brofest,” says Lerner. “Fun, but not so conducive to our relationship.” 

front door with round porthole
Bench with Moustache. Wall Sculptures and Paintings by Kelly Witmer. Bronze Vessel by Raina Lee. 

They started from scratch in a newly-built home, which has a pool and a…

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