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Imprints Cares – A Brighter Future for All Children



Nurturing the children of Forsyth County for almost 54 years, the dedicated team at Imprints Cares knows unlocking the potential in every child for lifelong success is a group effort – focused on both children and their families!

This education non profit is highly respected in the community for its local commitment. It served more than 7400 children last year in Forsyth County. They took a holistic and multigenerational approach to improving literacy.

“We have created an evidence-based model, grounded in research, that reduces poverty through positive parenting, addressing social issues and enhancing opportunities for all children and their families,” explains Director of Development and Marketing Kelsey Camarena.

In the late 60s, several churches in the area saw a need for children of low-income families to be helped as they entered school. Founding the Association to Benefit Children’s Development (ABCD), their goal was to empower parents with the skills needed to raise children who are ready for the challenge of school. One of the group’s early directors, Helen Clinard, and her husband, Woody, sought ways to level the playing field for at-risk children,…

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