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Money Mindset Blocks are Yoga Teachers


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Money Mindset blocks are yoga teachers.

Identifying Money Mentality Blocks as yoga teachers

Nikita Thakhar, Breaking Free: Overcoming Money Mindset blocks transformed my Yoga teaching and business.

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In my first decade of teaching Yoga, I charged between £5-8 per person, per class. This was because a) Yoga was not my primary source of income, and b) the rental costs were not high for the location I was using.

While I had many happy customers who thought they were getting a great deal, I also found it difficult to attract new ones. I didn’t realise that people were cautious because my price was lower than other classes in the area.

During the first Covid lockdown, I came to my realization. Like many teachers I moved my weekly online yoga classes. Initially, I was hesitant to charge as the students would not get the same in-person experience with hands on…

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