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How to winterise a yacht’s engine


Callum Smedley (co-author of Diesels Afloat) explains how to prepare your boat’s engine for winter.

When laying up for the winter, it’s important to prepare your diesel engine so it won’t suffer while remaining unused for an extended period. Make a list to remember everything you did when laying down the engine. Use this list to recommission it to ensure that everything is done correctly.

It is important to remember to keep your fuel tank full during the winter months to avoid condensation. Also, make sure to perform a full service on your engine and transmission before laying it up. Give them a short run to ensure that all moving parts are coated with the fresh, clean oil.

Cooling system

If you have indirect cooling, it’s a good idea to flush the seawater part of the system. Then, run the engine for as long as the bucket is full. The seawater in your system can freeze at very low temperatures. Draining it is not always effective.

Use rags in the intakes, exhausts and ducts to keep animals and debris out.

Air system

Check the condition of the exhaust pipe. Remove the air cleaner and spray water-repellent lubricant up the…

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