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How to Use Microsoft Flip: Teacher and Student Views


This is the time of year when we are all thinking of ways to help our students get to know us and each other. A popular way to do this is by using short video introductions. Microsoft Flip, formerly Flipgrid, is a good platform for this. You can provide a safe environment for your students to share and record short videos. 

If you haven’t used Microsoft Flip, or if your job is to introduce it to teachers in the classroom, I created a video just for you. In the embedded video below, I demonstrate:

  • How to create an account with Microsoft Flip as a teacher.
  • How to create an Microsoft Flip group.
  • How to create Microsoft Flip Topics.
  • How to record Microsoft Flip videos.
  • How to add students to your Microsoft Flip Group 
  • What students search for when they find your Microsoft Flip topic 
  • What students say about your Microsoft Flip topic. 
  • Microsoft Flip video: How to manage and view your student’s videos. 
Microsoft Flip Video Tutorial – Student and Teacher Views

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