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How to transform your house into a green home


Eco-friendly retrofitted homes that are built to be as sustainable as possible have a low impact on the environment.

The London Building Renovation team, specialists in restoration of heritage throughout London and home counties, spoke with the non-standard insurance team from Adrian Flux.

Kevin Nind has listed his top products to help you build an eco-friendly home. But first, what’s needed to make your house an eco-friendly home?

eco-friendly home

All pictures courtesy of the London Building Renovation company.

How can I create a green home?

If you aim to live in an eco-friendly home, you will need to maximise the building’s performance. This means:

  • Reusing materials and reducing waste. You can reuse bricks from a home that you’re demolishing.
  • Use as little environmental toxic as possible (for instance, use paints that contain low volatile organic compound).
  • Include features that ensure maximum energy efficiency throughout the entire home, year-round
  • Making the best use of naturally occurring sources of heat and light – they are free!

These are just a few…

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