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How to think About Race in the Murder Of Tyre Nichols


In each of my books, I have written about Tyre Nichols’ murder. LastThreeEssays. This is unusual for me. Normally, I don’t linger on one event. However, I have never seen a case that captures so many of the problems with American policing. With your permission, I will continue to this sad night in the hope of learning some valuable lessons.
Most importantly, the Nichols killing challenges our country’s simplistic view of authority as well as race. The fact that five young Black officers beat to death a young Black suspect does not reflect the American way of seeing race, and especially how racist policing works.
In a city that has a lot of black police officers, the Memphis SCORPION Unit was established and championed. Majority Black city councilThis creates more confusion. It is easier for these people to understand the picture of Derek Chauvin driving his knee into George Floyd’s neck. As horrific as Floyd’s murder was, they could make sense of it by anchoring it to their preconceptions about race and policing.
However, suppose that…

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