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How to protect an unoccupied property against squatters


You can make your home more attractive to burglars, vandals or even squatters if you leave it vacant for a prolonged period of time. 

This blog will answer all your questions about protecting your home from intrusion by unwelcome “guests” when it is left unoccupied for long periods of time.

Let’s start by answering some of the questions you may have. 

What is an squatter, exactly?

Squatters are people who live in a house without the legal right to. Squatters usually enter a property and remain there without permission until they are either forced to leave or caught.

It is illegal to squat on a property and it can be dangerous.

You may be worried that there are squatters in your vacant property. do not try to remove them yourself using force or the threat of force – you’re committing a crime if you do.  

Take legal action if you need to. Apply for Interim possession Order (IPO). Or, you can make a claim to possession. Find out more on the government’s website. 

What are squatters’ rights?

Squatters who have been squatting for a long time do have some rights to their property and can become the registered owners of it or land they have occupied without the owner’s…

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