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How to Preserve Cine Films


The Field offers advice to a reader who wants to know how to preserve old cine and slide films

Put old slides in a box


I have a box of old cine films and an assortment of slide photographs that I’m keen to update for my family to enjoy, before it’s too late. I’m hopeless at technology and don’t know where to begin. Your kindness in helping a friend who recommended I contact you was greatly appreciated.


Oxford Duplication Centre can provide advice on this process. The company has the ability to digitize various content including old photos and books, audio-video tapes, cine and motion movies, and audio-video magnet tapes. The company will also help you choose the right media to use for your reels. As a guide, the price is approximately £18 per small reel and roughly 40p per slide, plus VAT.

The process takes about 10 working days. For more information, email [email protected] or call 01865 457000.

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