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How to explain the Israel-Palestine Conflict in Children


How to explain the Israel-Palestine Conflict in Children

For a young child, war seems incomprehensible. The horrors of war are beyond the comprehension of most children, even if they’re lucky enough to live somewhere safe. The escalating brutality between Israel and Palestine is something even adults can hardly bear to hear, so it’s understandable that parents might need help explaining the situation to their impressionable children. 

We’ve broken it down for you below with tips from experts, extra resources for parents, and simple explanations for kids. 

Note to the editors: New York Family recognizes that this is an extremely sensitive subject. We do not condone any form of violence or terrorism. We are a family magazine and our aim is to equip parents with the tools they need to raise their children. This is why we share this information to help families cope and understand a terrifying situation for kids. We are thinking of all those who have been affected by the tragic events unfolding in the Middle East. 

Why are Israel & Palestine fighting?

Your kids might be asking what’s going on. It isn’t easy to simplify a conflict that dates back decades…

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