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How to choose the right RFID dog door for your pet’s needs


It is important to ensure that your pet’s comfort, safety and convenience is paramount. The technology has advanced to the point where pet doors are no longer simple flaps but sophisticated electronic controlled systems.

RFID collar tag technology is one of the modernest and most secure technologies that exists in this field. We’ll dive into the details to learn what it is, how it works, and which pet doors are recommended that use this technology.

What is an RFID collar tag for pet doors?

Radio Frequency ID is the abbreviation for Radio Frequency. This technology uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags on objects.

The tags are normally placed on a dog’s collar. When the pet comes to the door, it reads the tag’s unique identification and, if recognized, allows access. This will ensure that only your pet or pets can access the door. Unwanted animals will be kept out.

RFID Pet Doors: Benefits

  • SecurityThis prevents stray animals or pests from entering the home. This will keep out unwanted animals and pests.
  • ConvenienceYou don’t have to wait to open the front door for your pet. You can let them come and go whenever they want, which will keep them happy and active.
  • SafetyNo need to worry about unwanted…

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