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What would you be willing to pay for a personal number plate?


Private number plates inspire a Marmite state of mind – you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. 

No matter where you stand on private number plates, one thing’s for sure, a small minority of motorists are shelling out an absolute fortune to get their hands on them.

The DVLA has been selling cherished number plates since 1989  and in that time they have knocked out more than six million and raised in excess of £2 billion for the Treasury.

Adrian Flux answers some of your questions about private registration plates.

private number plate

How much does a private license plate cost?

Every year the sale of DVLA registration plates brings in more than £100 million, most of which comes from the thousands of more affordable registrations which cost from as little as £250.

Some people will spend much more. The 10 most expensive personalised plates on the DVLA website are:

  • 25 0 – £400,000 in November 2014
  • 1 D – £285,000 in March 2009
  • DEV 1L – £240,000 in December 2021
  • 1G1 – £222,000 in July 2019
  • 51 NGH – £201,000 in April 2006
  • 1 RH – £196,000 in November 2008
  • K1 NGS – £185,000 in December 1993
  • KR15 HNA – £180,000 in May…

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